Four Estonian Lullabies by Veljo Tormis

by Mother Brother

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    Set to traditional Estonian folk poems, Veljo Tormis' Four Estonian Lullabies are anything but traditional.

    We have chosen to arrange these pieces, because they're crazy. The melodies are pure, simple and consonant, while the harmonies and counterparts are dissonant, edgy and unsettling. This juxtaposition is what we find so engaging and interesting.

    We have tried to stay as true to the form and melody as possible, only extending harmonies and rhythms when we felt the music called for it.

    Lullabies for the restless. Enjoy.


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Recorded, produced and arranged by Mother Brother
Cover art by Lizze "acorn" Aldag
Chelce Hessler, vocals
Jamie Caporizo, flute


released May 21, 2010

Matthew - piano, guitar, bass, groove box, vocals, noises, mixing
Adam - guitar, noises, mixing
Jack - guitar, noises, supercollider, mixing
Chelce Hessler - vocals
Jamie Caporizo - flute



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Track Name: Laulan Lapsele
1. I sing for My Child

Hushaby, lullaby!
I sing for my child
like a duck for her duckling,
a heath hen for her darling,
a crane for her deary.
Track Name: Marjal Aega Magada
2. It's Time for the Little Berry to Sleep

Sleep, sleep, little berry,
doze, doze, deary!
Time for the little berry to sleep,
time for my deary to doze.

When will the cock come home,
when will the chick go to work,
when will the little berry go to sleep,
when will deary doze off?

Time for the little berry to sleep,
time for my deary to doze.
Track Name: Lase Kiik Kaia
3. Let the Cradle Swing

Hushaby, lullaby, the the cradle swing!
Let sleep come!
Doggy came to meet us,
a stick in his paw, a sack on his back,
large boots on.
Track Name: Aiutus
4. Lulling

Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby, lullaby!