by Mother Brother

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Written, recorded and produced by Mother Brother in The B Bridgeport, CT 2011


released May 13, 2011

Adam - guitars, vox, noises, aux perc, samples
Matthew - bass, keys, vox, drums, aux perc, noises, samples
J.F. - drums
Jack - drums



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Track Name: Frank
hey frank fuck you you rough edged fuck i'm pickin up some food frank where should i put it i need to write this song frank where should i stick it put it up your ass for all i care i'm only here to sound mad at the world for giving me a stinky ass face my name is frank wood and i have a stinky ass face hey frank stick this guitar up your ass its a long haul for people like you frank hey frank go fuck yourself stop puttin me down man down
Track Name: No One Enjoys Reality
you sit there thinking and waiting idle brains and open thoughts you lie there sleeping with one eye open you've heard it all before and we'll just sit here till you're ready hand it to them with candy tape it to their laps what's left is not worth it what's worth it what's out of reach is what you need this isn't for me it isn't for you it's for sanity's sake and that's the truth where has it gone why did it leave you banter back and forth you've said it all before pat you on the back you've done a great job where has it gone and why did it leave feeling like fonts of human knowledge
Track Name: Trouble Makers
scramblin' guitars gettin into fist fights we know we can't win all punched up sure hurts enough got no chance and no last stands its quite enough for me but its not enough for you you chase me down you push me around call all your friends come kick the clown beating up high school kids used to be a dream now we're fucked got little shits to kill eye punch soups in line for yous step on a crack and i'll kick your mother's ass isn't that enough for you oh it's not enough for me