by Mother Brother

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A triangle in a dot, in the dirt, in your ear.


released August 19, 2011

Written, recorded and produced by Mother Brother at The B, Bridgeport, CT

Hate Song:
Amanda Bloom, vocals
Matthew, drums, bass, samples, psr

Rainbow Ride:
Matthew, bass, vocals, elka, psr, glockenspiel, vinyl scratches, groove box, samples, horn arrangements
Adam, guitars
Andrew Klein, drums, effected drums, cymbals, aux percussion (recorded at Big Mean Sound Studios in Ithaca, NY)
Jared Aaronson, beat boxing
Liam Hanna, french horn
Jesse Weinberg, aux vox (recorded at his home in Milwaukee)

Strange Girl:
Matthew, bass, vocals, drums, elka, psr, groove box
Adam, guitars

The Purdy Voice was created by: Matthew, Adam, Matt Grandin and John Downes-Angus.

Photos by Matthew and Landon Hafen

Drawing of "A" by Matthew

THANK YOU jda, matt g, landon, bash, mike d, jf, mom, jared a, jesse w, ak, liam h, amanda b, the mercurial and YOU!



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Track Name: Hate Song
a tiring night and a sickening day you cant bear the noise its a night on the town but the wrong town for the night keep smiling and maybe someone will forget that throughout all the troubles and faces that frown youre upside down in your tired town
Track Name: Rainbow Ride
bumpin my hide on a telephone ride got my brain in my pockets and my gun at my side got my iggy pop playlist bubblegum sadists positively neutral as i survey the land theres a junk store looting on the corner of fifth theres a dirty hand a famished land a kid movin boulders soldiers sportin boas while theyre chattin with cobras past tense late rent were all on the same fence the secrets out were almost done living cry out ill never know what ive given man this walk is easy when youre already dead and the silver sun sets always dying in the west my heads are spinning falling decoding i'll let it go ill give it up as long as youre unloading on the flower shop roses plant them in your brain put your heart in a bucket the tvs blowin up for the good of the land the riots started thumbin for the same ride glowin down this rainslide i'll put it back into place cultivate a space race well everythings normal when youre talking to the toads and the continents are pushing toward the carrot on their nose while the basketcase eyeballs are going through their books looks to hook yeah they took it cuz theyre crooked consciousness is what we need my present tense in a lasting pact i'll keep walking down this road like a film that melts your heart and i cant stop to find a way to see what i have done
Track Name: Strange Girl
morning bruises rotten breath you broke some hearts last night strange girl call me you find yourself lonely in the crowd searching for your next bite strange girl call me call me sometime tie my wrist to yours and call it a night flirting with the ghost is a complicated balance theres fire on your lips and a burn in your eye fill me up until i cry