You Thought I Was Real

by Mother Brother

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Written, recorded and produced in The B, Bridgeport, CT by Mother Brother 2011


released March 11, 2011

Adam - vox, guitars, banjo, samples, noises, aux perc
Matthew - vox, piano, elka x-55, bass, drums, noises, aux perc
Emmett - upright bass
Solveig Smithback - vox



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Track Name: Used To Know
i look back for my dreams ever so often creepin up they seem to promise me everything could ever be oh oh used to know this boy used to know this stupid boy he never wanted much he never knew much he never learned a damn thing oh oh
Track Name: Deaf Rhythm
i havent seen my face in a hundred years its a mystery why we fight the way we do oh oh your suppers getting cold but you keep on eating oh oh ill try and fix my hair like the pompous and the fair but even thats a stretch for me they beat and bang their drums to a deaf rhythm they cant play too fast for me
Track Name: Waveny People
quit your screaming no one cares what youre here for its not my problem youve been missin what youre looking for sad sap don't fight me back ill leave you on the floor even if you wanted theres no room anymore dark heart angels will be your next of kin quick and easy youll find another way in jumpin back i was quite surprised by your grin and id kindly push you past it all wrap you in your sheets of white and its all you wanted and its all you see
Track Name: Wasteoid
you got a hole in your head that leads to your bed you lie in empty pleasures youre a wasteoid that cries inside youre too young and lucky for love a games a game a new life is over you just contradict yourself